Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What's It Like?

So, I am leaving a restaurant with a friend and I look over at the movie theatre and see this line. A crowd of people who are camping out over night so they can see the first showing of the new Indiana Jones movie. A movie that doesn't start until Thursday. My typical response would be to wonder aloud what is their deal? This time I was struck by the dedication and energy of their excitement. I can not, for the life of me, think of a single thing that I would sleep on the ground overnight to see. I would certainly never be so excited about the idea of it that I would take the extra step of dressing up in costume.... But, how cool is that to be so excited about anything?


Dawn said...

Hey Dana, I know where that is... so cool that you live so close!!! We experienced the same thing at that same movie theater for Harry Potter - and thought...hmmm... Nah!!! :)

Britta said...

Hey friend! Cool thing!
Alen is almost as excited for our trip to the US in October! have to take care that he doesn´t camp in front of the airport a couple of days before we leave ;)