Sunday, January 25, 2009

So Excited I Can't Sit Still!!!

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the kind words of support from my last post. You honestly have no idea what your thoughts have meant to me. I have wanted to post something about the divorce for the last 3 months and just haven't known how to go about it.. I needed to get it off my chest so I could move on.. Thanks again for your friendship!

Ok! I am totally going to toot my own horn on this post.. because I am so darn excited!! I am a published designer!!! I have been asked by the U.K. Publication Scrapbook Magazine to be part of their design team!!!!
My first issue came out this month:
My First issue included a 3 page spread about my style and an interview to introduce me to their readers!!

I am going to have one to two layouts posted every issue from now on and be paid for my contributions!! I can not believe how lucky I am!!!

Ok! I am off to check out what you have all been up to this weekend! LOVE YOU ALL!

Monday, January 19, 2009

What's too much to share?

I have been noticeably absent from my blog recently. There is good reason for it. I am going through a divorce. I haven't known what is considered to "personal" to post and what isn't. It's a big part of my life and occupies alot of my thoughts. To blog about everything else BUT the white elephant in the corner of the room has been difficult for me. It has also been difficult to create layouts as of late. My mojo is missing. I think that scrapping for me is a celebration of happy memories and about capturing a moment of happiness in some part of my life. I haven't had too much to celebrate as of lately.. so I have been absent from many of the posting sites that I loved to frequent in the past and just haven't found the push I needed to get back in the creative saddle.

Please don't feel sorry for me. The divorce is my choice. I am growing everyday as a person and I honestly believe that I am better for the decision I have made. I sincerely believe that people aren't meant to be in our life forever. We are together as long as we keep learning and growing together. Sometimes we grow apart.. but I think it is incredibly important to keep growing. I have many amazing people in my life and I am meeting more and more of them every where I turn around. I am grateful for the place I am at in my life right now.

I am feeling it's important to say it here and get a bit of catharsis done here so I can move forward in my art work and my blog life. Enough said...thanks for caring :)

Here's a couple of projects that will be posted on the Scrap Your Crap Blog on Feb 1st... Hope you play along with us and post your creations for us to see

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Girl's Day Out at the Auto Show

I went to the Auto Show at the downtown Convention Center today with Heather and Carolan to check out cool and exotic cars.. Here's me with my dream car.. anyone have 100k to lend me? I promise I will pay you back :)

Check out the interior of this pink lowrider... we were all drooling over it!!

After the show we had lunch at this amazing Indian restaurant and stopped to take a group shot.. this homeless drunk guy stopped and stared at us as the picture was being taken and said "it's Charlie's Angels!" and then stumbled on down the street.. hysterical!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Sorry it has been soooooo long since I last posted! Time flies during the holidays!
My two words for the year ahead are balance and aliveness... I think they both reflect where I am in my journey through life.. I try not to make resolutions just once a year. I prefer to do them all year long! What about you guys? Any resolutions or words to live by this new year?

Look at this AMAZING cone that my dear friend Karin made for me! This girl is going through chemo and she takes the time to make me a cone to match my scrap room! She is freaking amazing and I adore this cone sooo much.. Can you see the swarvoski crystal hanging off the end and the one in the heart? ..They are so pretty!! It is also lined with vintage music sheets... THANK YOU KARIN!!

Road Trip! I just got back from a road trip with my bestest buddy Shanna... She took me to her old stomping ground in Northern California for a girl's bonding trip before she moves to Colorado.

We stayed at her parents house..they were so sweet to us and cooked us the yummiest foods..I think I gained 5 pounds on this trip! Here is the view from their balcony:

We went to a forest in Mill Valley and climbed a set of stairs called the DIPSEA stairs. There are over 850 in all.. straight up.. I am happy to say we made it !

This sign in the middle of the woods cracked me up!

We also got a chance to go to the wine country..this was our favorite vineyard.. Ferrari-Carano..the grounds felt like we were in Tuscany...

Well you are all current on my life! I am off to check out everybody's blogs and see what shannigans you have been up to this holiday season!!