Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Robot Smile

So I am a little bummed today... I found out that a design team spot I wanted pretty bad was not to be mine. I am super thrilled for everyone who did get on the team, but can't help wondering if I will ever get chosen for a team . Can't help wondering what's wrong with my stuff that I can't catch anyone's eye? Trying not to be a Debbie Downer so I grabbed some Bam Pop paper I have been wanting to play with and put my artistic angst to work!


Kitty said...

Rejection is a terrible thing. I don't think anyone gets used to it, even the big guys who've been around a while. It feels intensely personal, and well, it is.

Since it is so personal, here's another way to see it - these teams or whatever had a different aesthetic.

Artistic visions can be so difficult to match. Isn't it actually better that you're not working with people whose visions are different from yours?

I hear Mark's stories all the time. He's a freelancer, so he hops from one office to the next repeatedly. Often there are power struggles among creatives, so that a job that's supposed to be straight forward becomes a political mess. People have to work 150% harder to get out the same product because of artistic differences.

Your team will come along. Imagine it as out there, looking for you to fill a void that they have. Better to find the right place than spin your wheels in frustration at the wrong one!

cheers, k

Britta said...

hi Dana!
NOTHING´s wrong with your work! Never ever say or think that again! Love this LO! and all the robots *lol* Keep on going with your own style and someday the perfect team will come along - to perfectly fit with you!!!