Thursday, May 22, 2008

under a cotton candy tree

A few blog entrees ago I talked about my love for the Jacaranda tree.. so of course I had to do a layout on Britta challenged me to :). When they are in bloom they always remind me of a big ball of cotton candy.


Kitty said...

very nice.
I can imagine your doing a children's book. Have you ever considered that?

your work has a lot going on, while remaining within a similar palette. I can see the appeal to kids of all ages, from littler ones to teens?

Britta said...

hey Dana my friend - this layout is BEAUTIFUL! *lol* totally fits to the Jacaranda tree! and look at all these details! Love the purple! Is that ribbon the cute Bambi is walking on? What is it? Where is it from? Do you think I can also get this in the Spanish store?
PS: Love it!

emily said...

yes! i saw this layout on SIS! it's so pretty...that tree is amazing!

isn't britta great? so sweet! thanks for stopping by my blog, friend!

Rochelle R. said...

What a great piece. I just saw the owl stickers today and thought they were the cutest things ever. I love Jacaranda trees too. You have inspired me to take some photos of them tomorrow.