Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good Bye My Friend

Last night Johnny and I went to see the Glass Menagerie at the Old Globe.. Here is a link to a great shot from the play. I had never read the play all the way through before, so I didn't know what the ending would be.
It was really timeless despite taking place in the 30s. That is what I love most about plays. They are written about current events while they are still current. Somehow they always appear timeless because our world changes but the problems we have just seem to repeat generation after generation. Mare Winningham starred in it with some other brillant actors.
A scene was done in candlelight that really created an intimate setting. I wonder what happens to Laura and her mother after I left?
We have had season tickets for the last several years. Because of that we get to sit in the same seat every time we have play. I have been really lucky in my seat at the Cassius Carter as I am in the front row. It is a very small theater in the round and you really get to be up in the action.
I am sorry to say that this is our last performance viewed in the space.
Progress marches on and it will be torn down to build a bigger, better version. I am sorry to lose this space and this intimacy with the actors... It was a fitting last performance about love and loss....

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