Sunday, December 14, 2008

Spreading some Love

Guess what I just found out thanks to my friend Michelle? I got a shout out in the December issue of Creating Keepsakes!! I know it isn't a huge deal.. but I feel totally excited because I tend have a very non-traditional style of scrapping and I love that I got noticed!!! YEAH!!! I have been a little behind on my reading of the mags so I probably wouldn't have figured it out until Dec of next year had it not been for my pal Michelle!

Also wanted to take the time to thank Monique for giving me this cool award!
Here's the rules for this one:

The winner may put the logo on their blog.
Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
Nominate 5 blogs.
Provide links to their blogs.
Leave a message for your nominees.

I nominate the following gals:
Karin-you rock and keep me in stitches at the same time!
Michelle-Your store inspires my creative mojo and I love drooling over the pictures of your new arrivals you post on your blog.
Britta-my home girl blog buddy
Callista-you and I are clearly twins seperated at birth on the things that we like and that catch our attention. Thanks for the holiday tag by the way :)
Greta-My fellow crap scrapper and girl who turned me onto the world of Twilight.

P.S. speaking of Twilight.. I finally saw the movie yesterday.. oh my Edward is a hottie.. I would let him bite my neck any old day :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Hit List Craft Show

This weekend I got the pleasure of helping out my super talented friend Karin in her booth at the North Park Craft Mafia Holiday Show. She had sooooo many amazing choices and her booth was a favorite among the shoppers. Next to us was Amy who is another amazing talent. Our friend Michelle who owns the store Paper Tales came by to give us some moral support! She even bought me the cutest little collage! It was a day of friends, crafting, food and girl bonding.. I really enjoyed myself so much! Here are some pics from the day:

(Me and Michelle with my adorable Collage!)

Here's the beautiful Ms. Karin with one of her creations.. more of her stuff is below...

Here's Amy with Karin and some of her very hip stuff:

These gals are always such an inspiration to me! So lucky to know them :)

P.S. I got tagged yesterday by the super cool Monique and Callista
and I just realized I am going to be late for work! UGH!!! Those darn jobs always get in the way!! THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!! I promise I will get my responses up in the next few days!! Love to all of you!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like....

You know it's Christmas in San Diego when you can go out in your yard and take a photo on a warm winter's night in front of your poinsettia plant that you didn't need to grow in a greenhouse.
That's about my only note from nature that it's time for me to drag out my artificial Christmas tree and start myself a decorating! That's the task on the agenda today. I am taking a little break from it right now because the lights were giving me some trouble... as lights like to do...

Last night I went to December Nights.. which is a big free celebration in Balboa Park to ring in the season with all kind of festivities... I think I may be starting to feel a little tingle from Kris Kringle in my jingle.

If you want some inspiration for those Christmas cards we still all need to crank out.. check out the work we did over at the Scrap Your Crap blog...

Oh and before I forget... So I started a page on facebook.. finally because my friend Shanna has been bugging me to get on that site..WOW! It's a crazy place.. Do any of you facebook? If so, please come on and be my friend..

Monday, December 1, 2008

Gobble Gobble 411..

Wow! Thanksgiving weekend went by as a blur... I hardly stopped moving long enough to catch my breath....

As some of you guys know...I have had some major changes in my life the last few months. It was important for me to create some new traditions...Thanksgiving day I took a 2 hour long walk along the beach in Coronado... let me tell you.. it was a little slice of heaven. I went to have dinner with a few friends at a Veggie/Vegan restaurant and then spent the rest of the evening playing board games with Shanna...I ended the day just as I should..grateful for my bounty in life :)

Friday found me hanging out at the kitchen table of the wonderful Ms. Karin. We were busy little beavers working on projects for her booth at a holiday craft fair next weekend....I of course was the rogue designer (that you all know me to be) and she kept having to remind me to reign in my avant garde style and do as I was told :) Take a look at some of her AMAZING creations...

The crafting fun continued on Saturday as Karin and I headed over to hang with the hostess with the mostest Michelle at her Paper Tales store. A Christmas open house was on the menu and we gorged ourselves with cookies, glitter and ribbons, talks about our fav reality shows and then of course more cookies!!!

Yesterday it was up to Ramona (my small hometown..before I became a big city girl) for a hike and an amazing lunch with two of my oldest friends Lisa and her mom Kate... we made ourselves go for a super long walk so we could scarf up a delicious lunch as we hung around in the garden... Kate has the most amazing begonvilla growing and a cool collection of yard creatures hidden all over the place....

Soooo we are all caught up with me.. what did y'all do?