Saturday, May 31, 2008

home sweet home

Finally home from my trip to Colorado Springs, CO to watch my sister graduate from the Air Force Academy..... A few photos from the trip.

The first is the chapel on campus. It houses four different religions in one building... cathloic, protestant, jewish and buddism.
The campus is enormous and because of the elevation it really seems as if you are sitting in the sky.
President Bush was the speaker at graduation and took the time to personally shake hands with all 1,012 of the graduates.
My sis up on the jumbotron. After 6 weeks of leave she is headed to South Dakota. Not the most glamourous of posts!


Rochelle R. said...

I was thinking of you when I saw the coverage of the graduation on TV. Congratulations to your sister on her achievement

Kitty said...

congrats to her. How nice?

Attending graduations can be inspiring, with the speeches and hoopla and just knowing the day is a milestone.

wendy said...

WOW, that is something to be proud of!