Thursday, August 28, 2008

Good and not so Good

Had to go to the dentist today. I had a crown put on my tooth on Monday and it has been causing me some problems -so had to get in before the long holiday weekend to see if it was something to worry about. Seems I will survive.. but the bummer is I am just not feeling terrific and had to be responsible and miss going to the Grand Opening of the new Anthropologie that is opening at our local mall today. We had some kind of special VIP passes and I am almost as sick about missing that as I am about my tooth!!!

I have to get my strength together because tommorrow starts two days of the Scrapbook Expo here in San Diego. I am taking three classes AND I told two of my friends that are having booths that I would work for them. Also, on Sunday the Melissa Frances is teaching a class at one of my fav scrap stores Paper Tales and I am signed up to take it! UGH! Am I the only one who seems to get sick when something fun is coming up?

I was tagged today by my super duper cutie petutie friend Callista ! What a task to try and think of only 7 things that are strange about me? Wow! I could go on for days :)

Here are a few right off hand...
1) I am really weird about the texture of foods I will eat. I am completely turned off by the sound and feel a banana makes in your mouth.
2) Speaking of food.. I am really bizarre about the amount of cream cheese that I have on a bagel. I almost always have to have it on the side, because in my world you can have too much or too little, so having it on the side is the only way I can control this situation.
3) I am deathly afraid of spiders.. I can't even look at one in a picture. I have to turn the page immediately.
4) I sing songs to my cat all the time. I make up the words as I go along and I am found of calling him Noodle Pop.

Ok I am probably completely freaking some people out so that is probably more then enough..

You are also supposed to throw in some random facts about yourself.. here's a few about me:
1) I had to drive a Pacer when I was in high school.
2) When I am at work I have to talk to people on a regular basis about why their dog likes to pee on their area rug.
3) When I was very little I was in love with both Richard Chamberlin and Barry Manilow and assumed I would marry one of them.

I am supposed to choose other poor unassuming here they are:



Karin said...

So excited about Sunday!! Woo hoo....we finally get to meet! Oh, and we get to meet Melissa Francis too...hee hee....I was thinking it would be fun to go to the Scrapbook convention. But I have to get the boys room ready for school next tuesday....and let me tell you that will be no easy task....See ya Sunday!


Glenda T. said...

I totally feel you on the tooth thing! I'll raise your crown and see you a tooth pulling!!! I know!! How horrific is that right?? I had to do a layout on it, an ATC, an art journal page. It was so traumatic. I hope your crown gets better! I'm going to get my 2nd one next month so I don't have another tooth crack on me!

Alexandra said...

I hope your tooth feels better!! And, how fun, the scrapbook expo - I would love to go to that!! Fun to read your facts, you had me laughin' on some of them! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Callista said...

Wow! You've got a packed weekend. I hope you feel better so that you can enjoy it.
Not sure I want to know what you do for a living that you have to talk to people about why their dog pees on their area rug. Ha ha! Have a great weekend!!

Anna M-W said...

Hell yeah...a Pacer!

I hope your tooth is feeling better honey!

Have a great weekend!