Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm The Biggest Dork!

Ok! I admit it... I am a dork but I embrace my dorkiness and I am ok with it. I am having some remodeling done on my house right now. Not really big stuff, a little in the Kitchen and a little in the Bathroom. This is my perfect excuse to get a new stove and I am soooooo excited. The stove we have now came with the house and has never worked right and is as old as time, but not in a cool vintage way.. NO in a lame almond color 1989 way. Here a few stats about my little baby that will be delivered tommorrow:
5.0 cu. ft. self-cleaning deep sump oven with Auto-Latch™ safety lock
One 16,000 BTU Power Plus™ sealed burner, one 12,000 BTU sealed power burner, one 9,500 BTU sealed burner, one 9,500 BTU sealed XtraZone burner with griddle and one 5,000 BTU sealed burner with 500 BTU simmer burner
Bake-n-Warm™ double oven, expands baking size to 5.5 cu. ft. capacity
Easy Care™ genuine stainless steel resists fingerprints for a clean look
SpeedBake® convection oven - cooks 30% quicker than conventional ovens
Speed Clean and Maxx Clean™ self cleaning options - Speed Clean for light soils and Maxx Clean™ for heavy soils
EasySet™ 510L electronic oven control with keypad entry
Extra-Large, clear glass Visualite® window
Full-surface cooktop with 3-piece cast iron grates and caps
Delay cook and clean options
XtraZone bridge burner can be used with standard grate or griddle (included)
Yes, I am a dork but please be my friend anyways :)


Dawn said...

That stove rocks... and I am right there with you on the dorkiness!!!

Britta said...

no dork!!! a good friend, that´s what you are *lol* Love your stove but have always been afraid of the gas ones... in Spain I had to use one and made the oil in the pan burn!!! Nothing happend but I was scared to death *lol*

Rochelle R. said...

Just be sure your husband doesn't decide to make nacho's in the brand new oven when for some reason there is also a plastic tray in there. My SonIL learned the hard way, and they can't use it because of the horrible plastic smell. Seriously though congratulations on your new stove. Gas stoves are so much better than electric. Yours sounds top of the line, how cool to have a griddle.

Lisa said...

Oh wow! You are really going to be doing some serious cooking with that baby! (you dork!) lol

Beth Perry said...

I will still be your friend! But, you have to bake me cookies!! I love chocolate chip! ha ha

I hope you are having a good week. One more day until Friday! Yay!


Greta Adams said...

i get excited over new appliances too!! and anything with lots of buttons...ohhhh how i love buttons!!!

noelmignon said...

ok, that's awesome! 6 burners?? SWEET! Ok, so I see you went to Comic-Con last week. Are there any kids there or is it strictly adult? My kids would freak to see all the people dressed up.

Beth Perry said...

Yeah, I know!! Ok, so I am dork as in the fact that I am becoming a DOZENS DORK!! HA HA.. Seriously, this is only my second kit (the other one being Doll Baby), but they really pack it in there with goodies. There is so much you can make and still have lots leftover.

Have you opened your yet? You had better get cracking! lol

Have a great weekend! I am sooo glad it is Friday!

HIME said...

Don't be afraid. I'll stay your friend.
It could be great if I can come visit you and try your cooking

Angelica said...

I'm so jealous, this is a very, very nice stove. Mine is probably as old as yours or maybe older, doesn't work properly either. Enjoy, oh and by the way I'm a dork too.