Thursday, April 17, 2008

You gotta have friends!

I just got back from having dinner with my oldest friend on the planet Lisa. This week I have been blessed to spend some quality time with some really amazing female friends. I am privileged to have some truly amazing woman in my life. I am inspired by the way a good friendship makes you feel really connected and understood in a world of distance and self absorbtion. I love that I have had the opportunity this week to step back and absorb that feeling and be present in my friendships...really cool life lesson.


Abraham Lincoln said...

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Fenridal said...

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Kitty said...

Female friends are wonderful and so necessary to life. When you have people who can understand what you're going through without having to explain, it's truly wonderful.

Great for you for actively appreciating what you already have. I've been trying to do more of that, too.