Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Deb Day

Hip Hip Hooray I got to hang out with Deb for a day! My long time gal pal Deb was in town on business and I put her up for a night. She lives in Iowa so we never get to see each other and just hang out and have girl talk. I loved it the time and soaked up the day like a sponge. We tooled around town in her air conditioned rental car and went where ever the whim took us. My favorite thing about Deb is I can make her laugh so hard she snorts... aw friendship!! I can't help but think of the phrase that goes " make new friends but keep the old..one is silver and the other gold".. She definitely a golden gal :)

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Abraham Lincoln said...

It is nice to have old friends and new ones. Looks like you were having a grand time.