Tuesday, June 10, 2008

who woulda thunk it?

What a surprise this morning when I logged in to SIS TV... the layout (sunshine on a stem) I posted yesterday was picked as layout of the day! I am a little embarrassed to say I didn't even know there was such a feature on their site :) I am still pretty new and it is such an action packed site! Boy am I humbled and full of gratitude.. here's a link, if you have any interest in checking it out.


Greta Adams said...

girl you are fabulous...it's no shocker to me.....congrats.....

Dawn said...

I would have thunk it... you rock, and I love that layout!!! :)


Darcy said...

Hi Dana,

Congrats on your Layout of the Day! It is such a cute design. (Don't you just love SIStv?)

I wanted to thank you for commenting on our blog over at Pink Persimmon. I notice that you are from San Diego and we just shipped our first order to a very cute NEW store called Paper Tales that is in San Diego. You have probably already heard about it, but if not, here is the link to their store blog: http://www.papertales.typepad.com/ The store looks so cute from the pictures, I so wish I could come to SD and visit!!! If you go in, be sure to tell her that Pink Persimmon sent you.

Congrats again! - Darcy