Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's Too Darn HOT!

Whoaza it is HOT here! Yesterday we spent all day in our booth at the house fair. The booth is surrounded by plastic tarps and I had hot wool rugs everywhere trapping in the heat! I think the turn out was much smaller then normal due to our unusually warm day. I don't live far from the coast and to the weather be in the 90s in June is bizarre! Here are a few shots of the booth before the fair started. I enlisted my husband to help out in the booth. The poor guy was just getting over stomach flu and then had to sit in the heat all day :( We had a drawing for a free cleaning with pick up and delivery- that ended up being VERY popular. We usually go around and take some great crowd shots.. this year we were too droppy to do much other then leave the booth to get a root beer float. Check out this little fella who was in the booth next to us!


Kitty said...

I can imagine manning the booth to be very tiring, not to mention in the heat. Oy.
The little dog is adorable!

Rochelle R. said...

I can't believe you were outside in the heat for hours yesterday. It was just soooooo hot. My daughter lives in El Cajon and she said it was 109 there. Where was the house fair? I missed hearing about it.