Monday, January 19, 2009

What's too much to share?

I have been noticeably absent from my blog recently. There is good reason for it. I am going through a divorce. I haven't known what is considered to "personal" to post and what isn't. It's a big part of my life and occupies alot of my thoughts. To blog about everything else BUT the white elephant in the corner of the room has been difficult for me. It has also been difficult to create layouts as of late. My mojo is missing. I think that scrapping for me is a celebration of happy memories and about capturing a moment of happiness in some part of my life. I haven't had too much to celebrate as of lately.. so I have been absent from many of the posting sites that I loved to frequent in the past and just haven't found the push I needed to get back in the creative saddle.

Please don't feel sorry for me. The divorce is my choice. I am growing everyday as a person and I honestly believe that I am better for the decision I have made. I sincerely believe that people aren't meant to be in our life forever. We are together as long as we keep learning and growing together. Sometimes we grow apart.. but I think it is incredibly important to keep growing. I have many amazing people in my life and I am meeting more and more of them every where I turn around. I am grateful for the place I am at in my life right now.

I am feeling it's important to say it here and get a bit of catharsis done here so I can move forward in my art work and my blog life. Enough said...thanks for caring :)

Here's a couple of projects that will be posted on the Scrap Your Crap Blog on Feb 1st... Hope you play along with us and post your creations for us to see


aimee said...

divorce is never easy, doesn't matter who's choice it is. been there, had to make that decision myself years ago. just know i'm thinking about you and your not alone!

Beth Perry said...

That is not too much to share, and I am glad you did. Good girl. You have the right attitude about it and I have no doubt in my mind that you will come out even stronger than before.
I have also been through what you are going through...and I wouldn't trade it for the world. B/c of it, it put me in a place (a wonderful place) that I am in now and a place that I was able to meet Austin (my boyfriend of 3 1/2 yrs and going strong).
Keep your head up, you are doing great...and the scrapping and the art will come when you need it.
Beautiful projects!

The Tucker's and Wolek's said...

I'm not gonna feel sorry for U....but I am sorry that U are going thru this!!!! :) I hope things work out for U....truly I do....I've been there and I know its never easy!!! LOVE the projects U made! :):):):):)

{{{HUGS}}} :):):):):):)

Deanna said...

Not too much to share, it is your blog!

Also, kudos to you for changing what doesn't affect you positively!

Zarah said...

*big hugs*
(Even the choices you make yourself sometimes leaves you needing a hug.)

Jocelyn said...

So glad to see you back!!! Sorry heck no, I too went through one of these and you go through stages. You do what is right for you and I promise, I will be here to support you!!!! Life is a work in progress, always tweaking it to make it better! I know that I learned so much more about myself and was really proud of the person that I found from this experience, ME!. We just adore you! Love your creations, as always you never disappoint me!!!! Have a wonderful Tuesday sweet friend!

Anonymous said...

That's not too much to share and I am glad you finally felt comfortable to do so...I had been wondering. Continue to surround yourself with friends, it sounds like you have a lot of fun when you do! You are strong and have the right attitude. And the creating will come back to you when the time is right.
Hugs to you my friend

Alex said...

Oh girl, I had a feeling!!! Divorce is never easy, no matter whose choice it is!! I went through the same thing years ago - it does get easier!! Please know I am thinking of you and sending hugs your way!!

Your projects are totally adorable!!! And, I just know you will be doing your fabulous layouts again soon!


Regan said...

ah good for you girl, life is too short and you need to do whats right!!!

forward progress!!!

Sarah said...

Thanks so much for sharing something so personal. I am sorry that you have to go through this...divorce is never easy. But always do what you feel is right and you can't go wrong.

I love your project...too cute!!!!!

Monique said...

I don't think it's too much too share, everyone reading your blog does so because they care for you, just as I do! Hope you'll be feeling a little bit better soon, but in the meantime remember that you have lots of friends all over the world thinking of you and wishing you well!!
Big hug!
xoxo Monique

karen m. (akaliz) said...

ooh, been there done that. i was very young and it was a bad decision in the first place. i'm glad to see that you have the courage to do what it right for you. many people don't. so, good for you!

and, no, that wasn't too much is your blog and i always love coming to visit!

Debbie said...

Glad you are back. Go ahead and post whatevah you want! Maybe with the elephant out of the room your mojo will return.

(I couldn't read the blue on brown. I had to read your post from the comments section. Maybe it's just me?)

Rochelle R. said...

I hope your creative juices start flowing again soon. I love the valentine tin.
I was divorced many many years ago but have been married now for 36 years! It pays to do what is right for you.

Georgia Visacri said...

You know my English isn't as good as it could be for me to say all the things I'd like to say to you right now. But I want you to know that I wish you all the best in your life, and I'm sure things will work out for you :))
I'll keep sending you good thoughts
Love you

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you shared. Ive missed you. And you need to know that you have friends behind you to support you in those difficult times. And dont forget you are loved!

Big HUgs!